Due to the growing demand from Private Wealth for real estate investment , our professionals provide global coverage throughout the national territory, opening a variety of real estate transactions in profitability towards currently non consolidated locations in the Investment Market.
We identify the type of product that best fits into portfolios of Holding Companies and Private Investors, in order to provide a rapid response to market opportunities.

Our department has a high success rate in operations, and the highest confidentiality during the marketing process, according to the requirements of each customer.

  • Plants or small office buildings.
  • Industrial and Logistics warehouse.
  • Retail properties and medium-sized outlets.
  • Hotels.
  • Residential buildings.


  • The Private Investor is more flexible in the purchase decision and faster in taking the purchase decision. Our customers are usually holding companies or private investors.
  • For Private Wealth, unlike in the Institutional Investment, the volume of investment is limited.
  • Along with prime locations in major cities, we allocate investments also in places other than Madrid and Barcelona, investing in cities or locations traditionally considered as “secondary”, expanding their investment opportunities throughout the national territory.
  • Along with large office buildings, logistics warehouse, or malls, the target can range from retail property to an office floor, etc.

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