Thanks to the wide experience of our department in the housing market, we are highly qualified to advise on the sale of properties as well as promotions and developments, with the aim of maximizing the value of assets in a framework of transparency and confidentiality.

Our investment professionals offer advice on the sale, acquisition and financing of property, acknowledged specialists in offices and business parks, commercial property, property for housing, industrial, logistics buildings and residential developments. Our clients range from financial institutions and developers to private investors and corporates.

Our team is based on a wide knowledge of the capital markets and the global understanding of the investment, to provide impartial advice on the best way to meet our goals. We use our global coverage to identify the seller or the right buyer, to bring them together and to rapidly close all transactions with the highest benefit.

  • Feasibility studies and financial analysis of the investment.
  • Financial / Real Estate Analysis.
  • Definition of the strategy.
  • Valuation and business plan.
  • Studies of market conditions and forecast of future trends.
  • Locating of Investments and Real Estate Financing.
  • Advice on the negotiation and completion of the transaction.

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