We have a professional and specialized team in consulting transactions and operations, combining both technical and financial knowledge with dedication and exclusive focus on the hotel industry, being present during the promotion cycle of a hotel project as well as during the operations.

Hotel Asset Management. With our experience and knowledge on the hotel business we can carry out asset management from a real estate and hotel perspective, helping hotel owners to maximize the value of the hotel business and optimize costs and returns from the investment. We are qualified to perform the coordination and management of a hotel in operation that has no agent or intermediary, a service especially suitable for repossessed assets by financial institutions, managing increase of the value and the subsequent divestment.

  • Valuation of Hotels and Hotel Projects. Our department can carry out assessments on both single assets and portfolios of hotel properties for owners and investors. We work with rigor, depth, independence and a wide technical knowledge to serve our customers.
  • Search of Operators. We keep in continuous contact with the major hotel chains, allowing us to anticipate their needs and to identify success in a given project. Our mission is to choose the right hotel operator to ensure that the potential of the hotel is being maximized and that the owner gets the maximum return on your investment.
  • Consulting Studies. We help our customers with all issues related to the development of a hotel project, from its definition to the global management of the construction process. Our department is a team of specialists in operations and business development in the hotel world and the real estate sector.
  • Estudios de Consultoría Ayudamos a nuestros clientes en todo lo relacionado con el desarrollo de un proyecto hotelero, desde su definición hasta la gestión integral del proceso constructivo. Nuestro departamento está compuesto por especialistas en operaciones y desarrollo de negocios procedentes del mundo hotelero o el ámbito inmobiliario.
  • Hotel Financing. We intervene and help to obtain the best financial conditions for real estate investors who wish to find profitable business opportunities.

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