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About Us

Karsten, Real Estate & Partners is a consultancy and real estate agency specialized in providing global solutions for any type of management, along with development and marketing of real estate assets. We manage all operations in the main shopping streets( High Street) and prime (locations) areas countrywide.

We provide advice rigorously designed for each type of client according to the specific needs of each project, providing real estate solutions based on a deep knowledge of the current market situation. We carry out analysis and projections to make the right decisions for the long term, while ensuring success today and in the future of our customers.

Our Focus

The aim of Karsten, Real Estate & Partners is to optimize corporate strategies specialized in real estate assets, satisfying clients, institutions and investors in the development of their business, so that you can obtain the maximum benefit and the best results. We advise you on how to choose the right property and location.

Our advisors work with the rigor, experience and confidentiality required for a maximum efficiency in the management of your property, creating a network of strategic partners through specific synergies. We work to meet the demands of our clients.
We count on a wide national and international portfolio of clients, as well as a wide range of products and immediate solutions.

We build permanent alliances based on respect, transparency and understanding of the different needs of each client, working with professionalism and confidentiality.

Consultancy affiliated with the Official Chamber of Real Estate Agents of Spain and the European Council of Professional Real Estate Agents.
Agents approved by Servihabitat Estate Services, SAU



Karsten, Real Estate & Partners provides advice and acts as market agent managing real estate products for third parties. Our wide experience in the sector allows us to analyse the data and all variables for developing creative strategies, meeting the needs of each client.

Corporations will improve productivity, efficiency and performance of the real estate portfolio. Owners, developers or investors will maximize the value of their real estate assets throughout the life cycle of the investment.


Office Agency

We offer global advice in letting and selling offices or land plots. Both for owners who wish to sell its asset and for clients seeking for the appropriate place for their headquarters. Renegotiation of contract terms and liberation of occupied plots.


Capital Market

We optimize the value of your asset by designing and managing the entire real estate sales process. Therefore, our customers maximize the profitability of their projects. We have gained the confidence of institutions, family offices and private equity. Peace of mind and security in wealth management.


Corporate Finance

We advise our clients on corporate transactions in sectors with high profitability. We design strategic plans for opening and closing corporate operations. We have a portfolio of products thought to meet the existing demand in our market.



Consulting and global advice on all types of transactions and valuations in the hotel industry. We provide creative and efficient solutions to projects which help you find operators. Investment advice on creating value through shared exploitation.


Institutional Investment

Through a global financial and technical analysis, we offer advice on the sale and rental of properties and with the creation and maintenance of real estate investment portfolios, as well as promotions and developments with the aim of maximizing the value and profitability of your assets.


Car Parks

Business Consultancy on the purchase, sale, rental or management of car parks for both rotation and long term users. We ensure the optimization of the value and the interests of each client. Presentation of initiatives in the framework of public and private partnerships.


Private Inverstors

Advice to meet the growing demand for private investment in real estate products with high profitability. We design customized solutions for each client and adapted to the characteristics of each property to ensure product profitability.


Valuations Advisory

We carry out valuations and appraisals of all types of properties to ensure success in any investment and strategic decision. We help our clients make the right decisions most competitively. We work honestly and supported by an extensive database of commercial and residential properties.


Judicial Assets

Advice on procurement of all kinds of property from judicial repossessions and auctions. Experience in monitoring, positioning and acquisition of real estate assets in liquidation or from bankruptcy


Retail Properties

We count on a high quality retail service to help owners and users optimize their real estate assets in the market of commercial premises. We offer consultancy, marketing and management of your assets by using our wide knowledge on different operators and commercial activities.

Residential Property

Global advice on management and marketing of residential property, developing strategic plans based on extensive market knowledge along with recognized experience in the sector. We provide solutions that best fit your needs.

proyectos de arquitectura

Architectural Projects

We manage the design and construction of real estate projects throughout the process. We have a team of architects and interior designers with the optimal skills to support our customers in the construction, refurbishment and maintenance of portfolios and real estate properties.




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